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Do you know the saying, “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes?” Well, recently, I decided it was time to refresh my website. It didn’t need a full-scale rebrand – more about giving the look and feel a bit of a facelift. Still, between client projects and running my business, I struggled to find the time and kept putting it off. I finally realized that the only way to make it a priority was to “hire” myself to get the job done.


I knew I had to follow the same process I use with my clients: Figure out my objectives and goals, develop a plan, determine what it would take to accomplish it, and then hold myself accountable. By assigning myself the project and dedicating time in my schedule to work on it, I stopped dragging my feet and made it happen. Now I have an updated website that better represents my business.


Whether you manage a creative team or you are the creative team, chances are there are times you also struggle with getting the job done. So how do you know when it’s the right time to hire a freelancer?

Here are 5 reasons to give yourself a break and get help.

1. You’re being asked to do more with less

Whether due to tightened budgets or one of your staff out on leave, you suddenly find yourself with limited resources and too much work. With a freelance designer, you only pay for what you need while getting a knowledgeable, experienced partner to help fill the gaps when you need additional creative bandwidth.

2. You need something done yesterday

Facing a tight deadline and need something quick? Or is your Marcomm department backed up, and you’re stuck in the queue with a project that just can’t wait? Freelance designers are used to working under pressure with tight deadlines and have the experience and skills to hit the ground running.

3. You need an expert

Sometimes there’s a need to supplement available creative capabilities with specific expertise or experience. Working with a freelance designer gives you access to experts with the skills you need or who have worked on past projects that are similar to yours.

4. You’re already wearing too many hats

If you’re a small business owner, you probably already have too much on your plate. A freelance designer can create the materials you need to market your brand in a fraction of the time you would spend trying to do it yourself, freeing you up to focus on all the other things you need to do.

5. Your in-house team is swamped

Your entire team is going at full speed and is stretched to the breaking point. A freelance designer can be an expert set of extra hands to help lighten the load by handling a major initiative or helping with the day-to-day projects that still need to get done.

Don’t be like the shoemaker’s children.

If your time or resources are limited, hiring a freelance designer can help you get the job done. And if you need mission-driven, engaging print and digital design that inspires action and delivers results—let's connect!

Infinite Blue Creative provides creative design services to busy education, nonprofit, and small business marketing communication professionals.


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