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More than ever, my days seem crammed full of emails, social media, websites, and too many screens. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy the connection, convenience, and immediacy of our digital age. But there are many nights I’m very happy to finally turn off my phone. Sound familiar?

This is why I’m thankful that print is alive and well. And why I believe it should be an essential part of every organization’s marketing mix.

So, what does this have to do with a delicious candy treat? Well, the way I see it, print + digital is a lot like chocolate + peanut butter.

There’s no denying the world is online all the time, so digital should be a critical component of your marketing communications programs. But it’s also a good idea to strengthen your digital impact with complementary print materials. That’s because, like the two great tastes of chocolate and peanut butter, print and digital are even better together! Print builds strong brand connections and trust, while digital extends that reach and supports the branding through websites, social platforms, and other interactive tools.

Here are 5 tasty reasons to include print in your marketing mix.

1. Print Stands Out

Every day we’re so inundated with email or digital messages that it often just becomes noise. A printed piece is an effective way to grab your target audience’s attention. It’s less expected and begs to be picked up, opened, and read. And when done right, it’s proven to inspire action.

2. Print Engages

The digital environment is a busy one. Swiping, paging, tapping—it can be hard to stay focused. Print, on the other hand, lets your target audience review your material without all the distractions. It gives your content time to make a real connection and inspires the reader to take an action they otherwise might not have.

3. Print is Memorable

Holding a glossy brochure in your hands is a very different experience from viewing a screen. It’s tactile and tangible, which gives it value. Plus, print can be just as innovative as digital: custom sizes, unique folding options, and unexpected paper selections let your creative juices flow, leading to exciting and memorable designs.

4. Print Inspires Trust

Your target audience will notice the time and effort you’ve invested in creating a high-quality publication or well-designed direct mailer. This creates a level of trust and credibility that can positively influence a decision to donate, attend, or make a purchase.

5. Print is Affordable—and Green

With advances in digital printing, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for cost. The affordability of short print runs allows for more frequent updates to your printed collateral and the ability to create high-quality, targeted outreach materials. And printing has become more eco-friendly, using more sustainable materials and practices.

Print + Digital: A powerful combination

If you want to make a greater impact with your marketing campaigns, be sure to add print to the mix. And if you need mission-driven, engaging print and digital design that inspires action and delivers resultslet’s connect!

Infinite Blue Creative provides creative design services to busy education, nonprofit, and small business marketing communication professionals.


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